New to Snips. Password



Just created account and tried to login to my RPI and it’s asking for a “snips-base login:” and “password”. I think the login is “snips” but tried various passwords. Nothing

Very strange to not have this in the Start Up of using. It’s kinda a no brainer to include user name and password to get started.

Forum could use a bit more organization



The default username of Raspbian is pi and the default password raspberry.


I got it. Thank you!

I have the Makers Kit.
I “sudo npm install -g snips-sam” …then
“sam devices”

I get a return of “No devices discovered”

I also was not able to create the “wpa_supplicant.conf” file. Says I don’t have permissions ??

This is totally frustrating especially when I feel like i’m following directions


sam devices won’t list all possible devices depending on your network setup - connect directly via “sam connect 192.168…”


I think part of the problem is that the snips folks are trying not to repeat too many of the standard rpi setup instructions, but they do repeat a few – without all the appropriate context. :frowning: In the case of creating wpa_supplicant.conf, you need to create that file on the FAT* file system of your SD card from the computer you used to create the SD card. I’m not familiar with the makers kit, so if it came with a pre-loaded SD card, you’ll need to stick that in another computer, mount the FAT file system (that’ll happen by default on Windows and macOS, might happen by default on Linux). Then place wpa_supplication.conf there. You can create it from the booted rpi system, but then you need to do so as root (i.e. something like “sudo nano /etc/wpa_supplicant.conf”).

* The standard setup for raspbian places three partitions on the SD card, one contains a FAT file system, and is used to get the boot process started. The others contain the file system for Linux and swap space. That why if you look at a directory listing on the rpi and on a Windows or maOS box, you’ll see completely different sets of files. :slight_smile:


Hey @kfox,

Are you sure you’re following these instructions ? Everything is explained, and the default password is also given.

Edit: if you bought the new maker kit, you can also check this page.

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1.My friend is going to try and trouble shoot this with me later.
2. I will bring him to this post.
3. I have formatted an SD card with FAT before,but the “Voice Interaction Base Kit” did come pre-loaded making me this I could just dive right in :frowning:

Thank you!


I did, but I also clicked on each link from the getting started page and those links had me reading all kinds of things and far away from the getting started page. It felt like a wild chase I was not understanding…So by the time I saw the default password etc, I had read enough to confuse the heck out myself to discouragement.

I bought the

Thank you!