[newbie] Can I call a subprocess from within a Code Snippet?



I have returned to programming after a long time off - I’m having fun but struggling with Snips. Sorry if my question sounds simple but …

I am trying to create a Code Snippet that calls an application on the Raspberry Pi. Ideally, I would like to “Start Game” (and launch a game file) or “Play song by …” (and start an MP3). Is this possible? I have tried code the following in the Code Snippet area:

import subprocess

*result_sentence = “Progress” *
current_session_id = intentMessage.session_id
hermes.publish_end_session(current_session_id, result_sentence)
# fuse is the emulator that I want to run

… but only hear “Progress” if I comment out the subprocess call.

Am I going about this the right way?

Thanks for any help.