[newbie]How can I make forget snips stuff from earlier installs?


I have been experimenting by adding different apps to my assistant, then deploying the assistant, then removing some apps from the assistant, then deploying the assistant once more…
When installing with the command “sam install assistant -i proj_…”, I see a lot of messages like
“Generating virtual environment…” for apps I removed but had installed in the past, and even the question for my google-token pops up again even though I have removed the app which needed it.
Is there a way to have only the stuff installed which is in the latest assistant-version and remove the old stuff?


You can remove all actions with rm -rf /var/lib/snips/skills/*. Then deploy the assistant again, after which it only downloads the apps in your assistant.


Thanks a lot for clarifying this. Maybe there could be added an option or a flag to achieve this automatically?

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