[newbie]Using same slots in different apps


Is it a bad idea to use the same slot (-name) in different apps. Suppose e.g. I have an app
in which there is a slot room_name, if I then make another app which also has a slot room_name, will this cause problems? If so, what is the proper way to go?

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i don’t think you can have two slots with the same name, but you can name the slot object with the same name over multiple intents

I’ll try to explain but since slots have a slot by name and a slot of name, using the word “name” is confusing so ill use a pic :slight_smile:

if you create a slot “room_name” and fill it with names of rooms, you can they use that slot over multi apps and intents

inside an Intent you can use the same created slot but give it a different name value for the intent

as the image shows i name the intent slot weightFunction1 and weightFunction2… but its the same slot named weightFunction
Now in a different intent i can create another slot and name it weightValue and use the same slot weightFunction

god that is confusing :slight_smile:


ok, lets clarify this a bit:
You got a slot TYPE and slots (and slot values.)

A slot type can be used in multiple apps and in multiple slots per app
A slot has one slot type and can be used only once per app, but in multiple apps.
Paint power:

But as you can see in my example on the top: Always keep in mind that it might be hard for snips to distinguish what slot is meant for what purpose if they have the same values.
If you just want to have the SAME slot with multiple values… “turn of the light in the kitchen and bath room” use just one slot (Psycho again)

There can be multiple slot types with the same name by different users: your name is always appended to the name and the slot type is referred as “entity” in the MQTT messages: {“confidence”:null,“rawValue”:“rtl”,“value”:{“kind”:“Custom”,“value”:“RTL”},“range”:{“start”:14,“end”:17},“entity”:“TVchannel”,“slotName”:“channel”}