No Devices Discovered


So I’m in the process of setting up Snips on a Ubuntu 18.04 VM and a satellite Pi Zero W.

I started this a while back but I just got around to getting the Pi Zero W. So today I decided I’d get the server up and running first, do some soldering to get the ReSpeaker 2 on the Zero and start listening to my kids ask Snips to do stuff it can’t.

So I’ve done a bunch of reading and I’ve gotten snips-platform-voice, snips-platform-demo, snips-tts (and deps), snips-template, snips-skill-server, snips-watch, nodejs, and snips-sam installed.

I ran sudo sam connect localhost cause well I’m ssh’d into the server. I used the default username and password but that didn’t work

So I then tried sudo sam devices and was told that there were ‘No devices discovered’

Help please


Indeed, sam is not that good at discovering devices. You just have to discover them yourself and then connect with:

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I tried sam connect localhost and sam connect, I tried the default username and password but I keep getting:

:heavy_multiplication_x: Error connecting to localhost: All configured authentication methods failed

Could I have changed this at some point during the install? Is there a spot where I can see the username and password?

I checked the status of Snips and this what I get:

snips-tts.service - Snips TTS
Active: active (running)

snips-dialogue.service - Snips Dialogue
Active: active (running)

snips-nlu.service - Snips NLU
Active: active (running)

snips-hotword.service - Snips Hotword
Active: active (running)

snips-skill-server.service - Snips Skill Server
Active: activating (auto-restart) (Result: exit-code)

I can’t seem to get snips-skill-server.service running, and I don’t know if this is what’s preventing me from connecting.


Hi Hav0ck!

Did you try the credentials of the console login?



Hi Freddy,

Thanks for the suggestion but that didn’t work either.

I haven’t really uncommented anything in my snips.toml file, could that be the issue?


So I finally figured this out.
The Sam logon is asking for the SSH credentials for the computer.

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