No matching assistant found when loading the console


i just logged into my console and i get this page

but all the tokens and notifications are all working still


Working again…


I took the liberty to clarify what the issue was in your title :wink:

Even if this happens you can just click the Snips logo to get to your home page, where you can find all your content.

We will:

  • look into why no matching assistant was found in your case. Did you just go to when this happened, or what did you do just before?
  • put a link to Home on the page in this case.


Yes console.snips

I logged in via my iPhone and that’s what it displayed

Then I went to my laptop and got the same result
I then clicked the snips logo… tried logging out and back in… both still loaded unidentified assistant

Tried again later on and it was working again


got the unidentified assistant page again today

but this time clicking the SNIPS logo the page then loaded my assistant page :slight_smile: