Node Red / MQTT interface

I want to use snips as a “voice to mqtt brigde” and I try to find some example, but I was not successful. I want not to use Home Assistant.
There are some nice videos but I don’t not get the overall concept with hermes-java script…

May be someone can help me with this topic.
Thank you.

It’s really easy. Just use the node red Mqtt node and read the snips dialogue api documentation:
The snips broker uses no authentication so just configure a basic broker connection to the snips host.
You will need to use an json node to convert the snips json responses to JavaScript objects that you can work with in node red.
On the way out the Mqtt node does the conversion automatically.
The most basic example is subscribing to hermes/intent/{intent name} for a specific intent or hermes/intent/# for all intents.
Than you have to extract the session Id to end the intent and answer to the topic hermes/dialogueManager/endSession with the content described here:

Hello Johannes,
good to know that it is easy :slight_smile:

but you are to fast for me - sorry.
Starting from the “actions” tap going to “Code Snippets”

now I have the possibility to put in some phyon code.

And NOW?



Hallo Johannes, darf man hier dann auch auf Deutsch schreiben?

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