Non official kit still better than nothing?


Hi there,

I would like to make my own snips kit for myself, because ordering the official kit from the seeed shop would add horrendous shipping, tax and customs fees.

Does anybody use a custom setup like this?

  • Raspi 3 B+
  • ReSpeaker 2-Mics pHAT
  • some standard speaker connected via headphone out
  • no grove hats that are included in the original kit

I tried to install sips on ubuntu 18.04 just to get a feeling how it would be to have that thing at home, but failed. It seems there are many reasons why the use of a raspberry is recommended…

However would you still recommend using the above components for a diy snips kit, or is this going to fail?

From reading the posts in this forum I got the impression, that it is hard to get things to work if custom components are used.
Would you say this applies also to a kit that has mostly the same components as the original kit?

Do I still choose “snips kit” during the setup even if I dont have the original kit but only the same components (except the grove sensors)?
Is there a downside to using a selfmade kit other than not supporing the creators of snips?


(Greetings from the EU)


You can use whatever you want for snips. The Snips Kit comes with starting hardware for new comers that don’t want to go through the hassle of buying all the components themselves. I think it’s cheaper when buying the kit than independently all the components.

There’s no custom components and it’s not hard to use whatever you want. What you describe is actually pretty standard anyway :slight_smile:


Hello Michael,

I have been using this kit: You just need to add a pi.




yes, use a “snips kit” for the setup of any raspberry with a respeaker 2-mic HAT