Noob has installed Snips, but gets no verbal response


I finally managed to install Snips on my Google AIY kit.
It responds to “Hey Snips” with a special beep. If I don’t say anything after 3-5 sec, it responds with the same beep, and another “Error” beep. I think this is how it should respond.
I also installed the demo assistant as described under section “Installing a demo assistant” at
But when I ask “Hey Snips, what’s the weather going to be tomorrow in Chicago?” like the example, I get a confirmation beep and no error beep or voice saying anything.
Its like the text to speech is not working. What am I doing wrong?
Thanks in advance.



Please, what did you find in the result of sam watch ?



I started with a fresh Raspbian and reinstalled everything again, and it works.
Thanks Ced.