Not good intent detected between app


I have a problem with the intent of an application that interferes with the intent of my application.

An example, in addition to my app I use the app jeedom when I ask to turn on the television it is the jeedom TurnOnJeedom intent that is taken into account, out of this intent I have removed all slots containing a reference to television. I also deleted all training sentences containing these words.

I then did the training again and installed the assistant, but nothing to do is always the jeedom intent is taken into account and not the one of my app.

Do you have any idea how to solve the problem?


What apps do you have in /var/lib/snips/skills? They don’t get cleared down. Do you have the original TurnOnJeedom in there as well as your fork of it? If so try deleting that folder and then update with sam update-assistant



In this folder i only got my app “snips-app-TelecommandeFreebox”. For the jeedom app is not in the skill directory. I modify the TurnOnJeedom i delete sentences and slots that correspond to slots and sentence i use in my app to see if this come from that.

But before delete this information it doesn’t work and now it doesn’t work ether, i have to add more sentence with over word to made it work, but it’s not relevent

[APP] TelecommandeFreebox

Did someone have ideas about this problem and how to resolve it


I have the same problem as @Tarlak please help us as he developed something for snips, it isn’t encouraging !



@Tarlak The problem is surely due to another intent of your assistant using the same slot type. It’s good that you removed(or better changed) all utterances with the word “télévision” in the intent but you also need to do the same thing in all the intent that are using the same slot type.

More detail in an answer to a similar issue: Wrong intent when "éteins la lumière"