Offline Chatbot for basic Q&A plus play video on command on laptop


Greetings, I am the author ( of the Pandemic Dawn novel Series, and in my novels, there are self-aware robots, what I am looking to do is build one of the characters from my series, which I have already started 3D printing the parts, and fit it with a simple Q&A A.I. that will work offline, and have a programmable database I can access and add information to.

I am going to use this robot as a display, and would ultimately like it to be able to answer simple questions, such as “Who is Taylor?” and the response would simply speak the database I add. If there is no information in the database to answer a question, then a simple “I don’t know that.”

A female voice is a must, and it would be nice if the A.I. could trigger certain videos on command to play on a local ipad or laptop, to show my promotional videos for each book.

I have worked with raspberry pi before (I’m no expert) but muddled my way through (I follow instructions pretty well) and I didn’t like the results of some of the other systems, especially since this display will have zero wifi or net connectivity.

I saw a kit on the website, is there a tutorial that would guide me through making an offline A.I. that works with my database only with the option to control the playing of external videos on a laptop?

Thanks for any leads in advance.


Welcome, Bruce! All of this seems doable, but Snips is currently more of a DIY system, so you’ll need some efforts to program such a system yourself. Have a look at the documentation, in particular about creating an app with the Snips Console.


I understand, I wasn’t really asking for someone to do it for me, as far as putting effort into this project, I am willing to, I was asking if someone who may have done something similar had a tutorial to save me from wasting time. I like to do this stuff, but as my schedule does not allow a ton of free time it only made sense to ask if someone else has already done this.

Hopefully so