On what platform is Snips available?

One of the most common questions we receive from our makers and developers is how to integrate Snips with existing platforms. Here we outline all the Snips compatible platforms:

Debian — Available via apt standard packaging for armhf architecture.

Raspbian — Available via apt standard packaging on Stretch.

OS X — Support coming soon via Brew.

Yocto — Please contact us for support specs.

Android — Available as a SDK you can add to your application. We support api 21+ on armv7, aarch64, x86 and x86_64.

iOS — Available as a SDK for iOS11 and later. You can use it in your application.

Windows — Coming soon.

Is there a plan to support Debian on x86?

Never mind, I found this page: https://snips.gitbook.io/documentation/advanced-configuration/advanced-solutions.

might be good to link to this page from the Install Snips page.

any plan for X86 or amd64 architecture support on debian ?

Hello Vincen,

Have a look at this page: https://docs.snips.ai/articles/other-platforms



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Is there a plan for docker?

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there once was docker created by snips… however https://docs.snips.ai/articles/other-platforms/docker

you might like to check out https://github.com/dYalib/snips-docker

Thanks @Vandaag I had not found that page :wink:

Is there any planned time frame for the Windows release?