Optional slot without follow-up question?

Hey there,
I am currently integrating my own Snips console App with custom intents in my home automation setup.
I’m working with three slots: room, item and state. My goal is to select an item in a specific room and its desired state, and until here everything is working perfectly fine.
Now I want to integrate a fourth slot for a percentage (brightness of a LED-strip), but I do not want to ask Snips about this value everytime since I only need it for one of my lamps. Is there any possibility I don’t see to add a slot without a follow-up question?

Thank you in advance.

Afaik, there is only a follow-up questions when you mark a slot as required. So just uncheck “Slot is required”.

Oh wow, my bad. It’s just one of these stupid switches that changes its text when switching, I read it as “switch to on to set as not required” when it’s actually not required when turned off.

Thank you so much!