Permissions with snips actions


Hi people,

I am currently working on a custom application that uses snips to detect an intent to send a correlating UDP message over the eth0 port of my Raspberry Pi 3B.

Now every time I start up snips , the virtual environments are loaded correctly. But the moment I speak to it,
when it tries to run a python action file I get the error:

I tried adding the _snips-skills user to the sudo group, I tried adding “sudo” to the script to make the virtual environment start up with root access, but it seems that the _snips-skills user still does not have the rights to send out an UDP message over the eth0 port when I do so.

I am running:

  • the latest raspbian stretch lite
  • the latest version of snips and sam
  • a Raspberry Pi 3B

Does anybody know what I can do to make this pos,sible?
It would really help me!