Platform Update 1.0.2 (0.60.10) - 03/01/2018

  • New features

    • snips-asr, snips-nlu: Added Italian language support.
    • snips-injection: Added entity injection support for Spanish and Italian languages.
    • snips-hotword: Added options to command line interface and snips.toml to control vad-inhibitor activation.
    • snips-audio-server: Added options to command line interface and snips.toml configuration file to disable audio capture.
  • Improvements

    • snips-nlu: Improved Spanish language support.
    • snips-asr: Improved cpu and memory usage.
  • Bug fixes

    • all: Fixed HeartBeat not deactivated on user request
    • all: Fixed assistants not being loaded when one of the component was missing.
    • snips-injection: Fixed entity injection not working when ASR or NLU model were overridden.
    • snips-asr-google: Fixed unexpected crash when using recent credentials.


Good work, I was hoping on Dutch language support. Is there any news/progress/eta on that?


Thanks! We don’t have any ETA on Dutch language support at the current stage, unfortunately.


Thx for the update anyway!


these updates look great!
is there a roadmap in terms of your update path for this issue?

it’s where satellites permanently send mqtt voice data, even when they are managing the hotword detection themselves. the current method is spamming my network ( 3 satellites) to the point where i’ve had to remove the satellites from the system :disappointed_relieved: