Platform Update 1.1.0 (0.61.1) - 25/02/2019

the simple problem when using copy&paste :slight_smile:

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Indeed :slight_smile: Also should be corrected here:

funny as it already was wrong before it got fixed the first time

After upgrading to 1.1.0 the wakeword is not detected anymore. There are no corresponding messages in sam watch. I checked the audio in and out and it is working.
Also the field “probability” is still returned in the json when testing snips in the web interface. In the release note it was stated that this is replaced by “confidence_score”. It looks like this upgrade made my assistant unusable.
Is there any chance of downgrading to 1.0.3 to get a working assistant back?


hey snips wake word for me is working no problem

probability field in the console has already been reported and is being fixed

make sure you have recompiled your assistant in the console and installed that
make sure all snips apps have been updated and are running

to do a quick test on the hotword type in snips-hotword -vvv and check the terminal output to see if there are any errors

Am I alone with this? :frowning:

Thanks for the feedback, it’s fixed.

Thanks for Update !
Work well in Matrix Voice

Thanks for your work.
After update everythig works except an action connected to a datetime slot. I get this error message:

AttributeError: module ‘hermes_python.ontology’ has no attribute ‘InstantTimeValue’

I just upgraded everything to 61.1 as well as my assistant. When I did this it stopped working with homeassistant 88.1. I can see snips is recognizing the intent and the slot names using snips-watch just fine. Upgrading snips is the only thing that changed.

It’s likely you’re using (unwittingly or not) hermes-python. So welcome to the New Reality. :rofl:

They said it was a “Breaking Release”, it should have read “Broken Release”. Nobody has yet figured out (and shared the secret) of how to recover from it. Crickets from TPTB…

Read the (added) caveats on the release notes, and have a wander through this thread and others bemoaning our Fate.

Actually, I am using the native mqqt for each application as well as the Homeassistant configuration for snips.

With sam watching, do you see a line similar to “detected intent [green name here] with confidence score…”?

I do not use sam. I can see the detected intents and slot names/values as well as their confidence score using snips-watch.

It’s my understanding that the confidence score is part of hermes. Which tells me (I may stand to be corrected) that your intents are using hermes. They changed the name from probability, which is part of what broke things.

Unless it is embedded into snips, I am not using hermes. It is not a running process and is not even loaded on my system.

It may have slipped on unnoticed. Hermes-python?

Run “pip list”, “pip2 list” and “pip3 list”.

I ran all 3 again and still no hermes. I do believe they both use mosquitto for mqqt.

Pardon my intrusion then, mon ami. It seems you are suffering a different Fate… if you do figure out what’s in your way, though, please share as it may cast some light for others also.