Playback of text or soundfiles

I have a basically working SNIPS installation in the server-satellite network. After the hotword, I get a confirmation tone, the spoken input is also acoustically confirmed by a sound and the desired action is performed. Unfortunately, I can not see at all the switches if they are actually in the desired state. Therefore, I would like to install in my Python scripts a routine that checks after a commissioned switching operation, whether the switching process was actually executed (= retrieve the current switching status) and the switching status should be confirmed by an announcement. It does not matter to me whether the announcement text is present as text and comes with TTS to the announcement, or whether I leave WAV files with the appropriate text recording play. I do not succeed in getting something on the loudspeaker with MQTT commands (eg after the Hermes reference, section TTS Does anyone have a tip for me or a link to a description?

Some MQTT statements I tried (where IP …20 is the snips base and satellite02 the satellite Raspberry):

mosquitto_pub -h -t 'hermes/tts/say' -m '{"text": "Hallo", "lang": "de_DE"}'
mosquitto_pub -h -t 'hermes/audioServer/default/playBytes/8ewnjksdf093jb42' -f test.wav

Mayby it is not possible to send sound files to the satellite and I’m missunderstandig

Problem solved! User error! I’ve used a wrong siteID for playback of wav file. But it seems that there is a limitation of the largeness of the file, sampling rate and/or audio formats. Does anybody have informations about this?