Posting Log Files


In an effort to help troubleshoot an issue you post about, you may be asked to post your log files. While posting your logs in the forum is optional , some issues cannot be investigated without logs to review. It may be difficult or impossible for the community to help you without your logs. We respect your privacy and want to ensure you are fully aware of what kind of personally identifiable information may be contained in your log files, so you can make an informed decision that best suits your needs and desires.

Facts on Posting Logs

  • Logs attached to a public post (not a private message) can be viewed and downloaded by all users with a Snips forum account who are logged in the forums.
  • Users who are not logged in cannot view or download log files or other attachments.

Example Info in Logs

  • Email address used with the Snips console account
  • Username used with the console account
  • Device type (platform, mic …)