Project Alice release

After 6 years working, 2 years using Snips and a couple of month with some fresh devs that joined me, after 3 majors rewrites and surely over 10 complete refactoring, I’ve taken the decision to release all my work to the public. Project Alice just went live 5 minutes ago, as an alpha release!

Thank you Snips for your wonderful platform and tools that made my dream assistant possible!


Congratulations and thank you for your relentless perserverence and for sharing it with the world. I hope everyone gets on board and gives back to keep improving Alice and the great Snips platform.

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Project Alice reached alpha 3 and keeps getting better and easier to install and mod. All sources have been open and modules production has started by some community members! Don’t wait, join us!

We are continuing!

How? Well, we rebuild the dialog manager and make Alice completly free from any dependencies! What does that mean? It means that users will be able to decide what NLU or ASR to use, beside TTS (and asr) that are already user selectable. We are removing ties to Snips at the moment, and should soon be done with it. We will continue to support Snips NLU as well, as it has been open sourced.