Project Snirops



Hey hey guys!

Here I am again, this time with another project. And I thought it would be a great idea to have it covered from zero to working machine, so I asked Snips to add this subforum in order for me to share the advance with you, day by day as the project grows into a fully functionnal contraption.

So what is Snirops? Well, a contraction of Snips and Syro****p. What it does? Well, brews your sirops or cocktails on demand!

What you want to see it in action already? Hey, slow down, let me explain how this is going to roll!

The idea here is that… I don’t have any idea yet. I thought it would be cool to share with the community my daily advance, from an idea to a fully working product powered by Snips! This is why I am the only one allowed to create topics in the subforum but you all are allowed to reply, take part in the whole process. No, I won’t be only sharing coding, but EVERYTHING, even my sketches, 3d models, pictures, whatever, until we have the product working.

Why? Well, I thought it would be cool, and so did Snips, so let’s do it! And I am sure I have plenty to learn in this adventure, so do you all!