Python-vlc permission denied when action is run


Hello all,

I’m trying to create an app that will play an mp3 file when the action is run using python-vlc bindings. The error I am receiving is filesystem stream error: cannot open file /home/pi/Loser.mp3 (Permission denied). If I start a venv in the app directory and run the python file in the venv manually, it works. The folder holding the mp3 file is set with permissions 777. Any thoughts?


Hello mike_dh_mount,

You might want to check the permissions on /home/pi directory. The skills server is not running under the pi user and therefore might not have access to the home dir of the pi user.


Thanks for the reply.

I permissions were set to 755 on /home/pi, but as a test I changed them to 777 momentarily. Still no luck, same error message.


I’ve found that if I put the file in the same directory as the skill, that I am able to get it to play. Any thoughts on what permissions are needed to get it playing from the /home/pi directory? I would have thought that making /home/pi 777 or even 775 would be enough.