Pytlas - An open-source python library to build your own assistant

Hi there!

When snips NLU came out as an open-source library, I started to build a library which makes it easy to map natural languages to python code and so pytlas came to life! I’ve always wanted to develop my own self-hosted, fully open-source assistant and now this is possible.

Its goal is to be super easy to install, understand and hack but what does it provides exactly you may ask?

It provides everything you need to write skills with an easy to use API, it handles conversation state and natural language understanding (thanks to snips NLU) and make it easy to share your skill which contains training data, internationalization stuff and python code.

With pytlas, you have full control over your assistant and what makes it useful to you.

There’re still some work to do to improve it further and any contribution is welcome :wink:

And finally, here’s the links to the official repo and to a tiny demo of what could be achieved with this library.

Have a great day!