Raspberry 3B Base with Satellites

Hi Guys,

i want to use a Snips Base with some satellites.
Can i configure the base like the quick start Manual without the microphone configuration, or is there a different Setup for the base device?

Sorry, but i didn´t find a precise description for a base device - so i just want to be sure.

best regards

Hi @vaillan,

You can skip the microphone configuration.

If you don’t have any microphone or speaker on your base you don’t even need the snips-audio-server on this one.

The snips platform is a distributed system, the snips components only need to be connected altogether to the same mqtt server to be able to exchange messages.

snips-audio-server is a mere interface to the audio devices on a given computer for the snips platform.

ok, thank you

Do i have to set the base as the mqtt broker?
I want to connect snips with mqtt to openhab.

So if i understand it Right, the satellites connect over mqtt to the base and the base is connected to Openhab.
So i guess the base shoukd be the mqtt broker, or?


Hello @vaillan,

I’m not an expert about open hab

I found this tutorial on google => https://community.openhab.org/t/integrate-a-snips-voice-assistant-with-openhab-walkthrough/34301

The important thing is that all the services MUST be connected to the same mqtt server, could be hosted anywhere reachable on the network.