Raspberry pi + Respeaker 2 mic + Speaker - Round-Case

Maybe someone likes my case:


Capitaenz… I like your case very much, well done.
I use the round shape Respeaker 4 Mic Array and I would REALLY like to buy a ready Printed case like this.Thingverse is good if you have a 3D Printer but I do NOT.
I wish that there was somewhere online in UK where I could BUY one of these items ready printed for less than 20 GBP.
Getting the other parts would not be a problem.

Hello edwardsnowden,

the original Respeaker 4 does not fit in the case. I tried it myself today as my Respeaker 4 arrived. Unfortunately, the Respeaker 4 needs an amplifier. I’ve bought a mini amplifier and as soon as it arrives I will design a new housing for the Respeaker 4.
Many greetings

Hello capitaenz
I use a mini 5 volt amplifier From Amazon

It uses 5 volts same as rpi3.
It has a left and right speakers output.
I connect it to the usb output of rpi3 and works well with round 4 mic array.
I also remove my fan from snips rpi to stop interference with Respeaker.
Good luck making the case.