Raspberry stuck on rainbow screen


I’ve tried to update Snips with “sam update” and after a while it ended and services where updated to 0.64
But at the first reboot I got stuck to a rainbow screen :frowning:
I run snips on a PI3b…looking on the web most says that the rainbow screen is due to a low voltage but I don’t have any issue ( Voltage 5.1 under load) and also tried different psu without luck

Someone can suggest me what I can look for?

SD card… is it new?? SD cards don’t last forever, and can cause lots of problems

Is 2 months old, in the end I discovered that kernel files in boot folder disappeared after the update, adding them back solved the issue and raspbian is runnning again.
Still this issue make me wonder how much reliable the system is, I’ll try to make bull sdcard backup more frequently