Real time ASR ?


I’m pondering developing software to aid dyslexics in reading, using techniques my daughter and I used to tackle her dyslexia. As part of that project, I’ll need TTS and near real-time ASR. As most classrooms have tablets now, I’m thinking an Android app would be best. I notice ASR isn’t available for Android yet. Will it be soon? Also, I will use ASR to verify, in real-time, that the child is reading correctly the text presented. Could I do this thru quick polling of the intermediate transcription results? If not, can you suggest another product?


Hey there. ASR can spit real time mid results since last version, it’s pretty easy to do, check the doc for that!


Psycho is talking about these sections in the documentation: ASR Partial Decoding and Obtaining intermediate ASR transcription results.


I saw that, but it doesn’t appear to be for Android. Any idea when an Android implementation might be available? Thanks.


They are working on android features, but we don’t have an ETA yet