Recognizing spoken acronyms


Is there a way to get the ASR and NLU to work with spoken acronyms? I would like to make “AC” and “DC” be slot values but my tests of reading the ASR output shows it does not work well.


Does it work if you spell it like “A C” and “D C” in Snips Console?


It’s not getting that far - the ASR output is most likely something like “eighty” or “see” for AC and DC, respectively. I’m not sure there are user-configurable ways to make snips ASR better for acronyms, but thought I’d ask if others had any success in this area.


Have you tried using synonyms for them? Like ‘A see’ and ‘Dee See’?


I would be tempted to ry synonyms like wiz said. i have seen snips sometimes get confused by words that sound similar so its possible this might work.