Record Audio files


Hi Everyone,

i’m starting a new project where i plan to leave audio messages for other people in the house.

So I’d wake snips by the wakeword, trigger the intent, play a confirmation sound and then record a message to a file and tag it with the recipient name.

When the recipient comes home (Homeassistant takes care of this part) the message would be played back.
Playing back isnt really an issue since the Hermes Protocoll allows to specify audio files to be played.

Right now i’m trying to find a way to keep the audio that snips records and save it to a file.

Has anyone ever tried this and succeeded?


Last update added a record feature


?? no mention of a record feature there?


Hahahaha, my bad, misunderstood the update sheet, register != record in english. Sorry for the missdirection! That being said, you can capture the audio packets and build your wav file


Hey, thanks for the quick answer.

I guess thats the way to go.
So the way i understand it the snippets being sent over MQTT are literally just waveform snippets, right?


yes… the snips-audio-server sends packets of wav data