Rename device from "default"



I have a seed plateform hosting my snips. It is used with my Jeedom home center and working correctly.
My seed is both server and satellite.
Currently, on my jeedom, the snips device is labelled “Default” and I would like to rename it but I have not found how to do that.
This name must come from the snips server as Jeedom automatically created this device when the assistant was loaded.
I have checked the hostname of the RPI3 and it is spnis-base

Do you know where can I change this default name ?
Main target is to shortly add new sattelites on other rooms so I need to identify them correctly.



It’s defined in /etc/snips.toml. In the section [snips-audio-server] there’s a line like this:

bind = "default@mqtt"

Just change it to something like (in my case):

bind = "livingroom@mqtt"


Thanks koan,

I changed it in the snips.toml file with success but in jeedom, I have still default.


I don’t use Jeedom, so I don’t know what else is needed at that side of the equation…

You have restarted all Snips services after the change, right?