"Salle" in the slot house_room


Hi there,

When I forked the slot house_room, i was puzzled by the value “salle”.
I appears differently to the others, with other values like “buanderie”, “boudoir”, etc.
Why this particular presentation for “salle” ?

Besides that, “salle” means for me the equivalent of “salle à manger”. So shall I delete this value “salle” and put “salle” as a synonym to “salle à manger” ? Unless “salle” in the way it is presented has a special meaning I should touch modify…?



You custom like you want.


I had to check every single intent and slot for consistency. The customize a lot according to our house, rooms, devices name, how we talk to snips, etc. So don’t be shy and tune the app for you.

Having one general term like salle with synonym is important to have all name you can call it being finnally named salle, to be tested into jeedom scenario or action snippets. Also check training sentences for consistency with your slots.



You mean, “buanderie”, “boudoir”, “comble” are synonyms for “salle” ? I’m just wondering why it’s not presented like for the other values, with the synonyms in the second column.
Is there a special reason for this ? Has the value “salle” a special meaning in the assistant ?


For me, no they are not synonyms.
Personnally I did a lot of cleanup, for example I will never use “buanderie”, “comble”, boudoir" so I simply deleted them.
What I said is that you have to check intents and slots to tune them accordingly to what and how you will talk to snips.


I did a lot of clean-up as well on my side to fit snips to my personnal needs, but I’m still struggling in understanding this value “salle”.

Why not having “buanderie”, “boudoir”, “comble”, etc. on single value items ? (and remove them if needed)
Besides that, some of the values are also already on single values on their own (bureau, sous-sol).

When you click on “edit values”, it open a window where you can select or deselect some of the values. But what for ? You can either remove some, but not add others.

I’m a bit puzzled…:thinking:


Are you sure you started from the right JeedomOfficiel ? I know, there is 9 apps JeedomOfficiel on the store … :roll_eyes:


yes, the valf version