Sam connect error on snips_base.local


I can’t connect to sam via snips_base.local, but I can connect via my ip address. why?


type snips_base.local and see if it matches the ip


Are you using Windows? In contrast to macOS and most Linux distributions, Windows doesn’t have mDNS support by default, which handles the .local domain. You can add mDNS support by installing Apple’s Bonjour Print Services for Windows. After this, you can use .local addresses on Windows.



  1. When I type “snips_base.local”…it says…“command not found”
  2. I am using HDMI direct to the RPI.
  3. I purchased “Voice Interaction Base Kit”

are you just typing into a command prompt snips_base.local ??


I type in “sam connect snips_base.local” which returned an error.

Yesterday I was able to connect via “sam connect”
but not today??



The reason i was not able to connect to sam is because I had turned OFF SSH. Why should it matter, its on the same device, I’m not ssh from another machine?

BUT NOW it saying a public key has been generated and copied to the device at ( and do I need to do anything with that key for anything moving forward??


that’s it for me… i don’t use SAM so i have no idea

but i do know that SAM is “meant” to be used from another machine… not run on the device your trying to control


wait! you don’t use sam?? and you are still using this to control your home by voice?
I thought sam was intended to be used with snips and would not function without it?

What are you using?

does sam lock you into the apps that they provide?


can you give me the link you used to get started?


Hey did you create the calculations app? so cool. I’ll install that first. I’ll try to anyway

I’m still confused on why they have you install sam when you purchase the kit? t’s on the first page of instruction.

Should I start with the console first instead of following the Maker Kit which heads right into using sam?


i made one of the calc apps up there

well going the SAM way of doing things… you still need to work on the console to create the assistant that you want… and then use SAM to install it onto the system to be able to use it

as long as you read the docs, it doesn’t matter where you start

I your having that much trouble I would format the RPi SD card and start from the beginning :slight_smile:


No, you can use Sam or do all things manually, as is clearly explained in the docs.

Please read all the documentation before you ask any other questions. Like you have been told several times, your questions are almost all answered there. Yes, the documentation is not perfect, but it is extensive. Use it.

If you keep flooding the forum with every little question you encounter while trying to set up Snips, you risk that all those helpful people here are getting tired of you and don’t answer your question when you really encounter something difficult that is not explained in the documentation because they think it’s “yet another question from kfox for which he should have read the docs”. And then you’re on your own. This is not an efficient use of the community’s resources, and this doesn’t help you either.

So choose your next steps wisely. I suggest that you:

  • refrain from asking every question that pops into your head for the next few days;
  • read all the documentation (did someone tell you that yet?), including Getting started, Troubleshooting and FAQ, and don’t freak out when you encounter something you don’t understand yet;
  • follow the instructions in the documentation before starting to experiment with variations on it (like turning SSH off);
  • use Google/DuckDuckGo, Wikipedia, … for things you don’t understand.

If you still have some questions after that, we’re happy to help you. But you can’t expect us to invest our time in answering your questions if you don’t invest your time to do your part: reading the documentation. If you do your part, I’m sure you’ll have a much better experience with Snips, and the community will be able to help you much more.


No, I did not read Manual set up as I told @ozie because the Kit I purchased came pre-installed so I did not consider manual set up to confuse myself more.

I do see your point. I rather not cry wolf every time I encounter a question, Trust me, I don’t want to be That Guy.

I 'll save my questions for a bit later after I’ve read the documents 8-10 times. Once I get the road map of the forum and documents in my head.

I appreciate the reply