SAM connection fails


I’m new to snips and have installed it on a rpi3 and am trying to use SAM to communicate. When I do SAM devices it scans but comes back empty. I then use SAM connect with ip and it connects with no problem. I then do SAM init and i get the following message:
Connection failed, is your device turned on?
error: cannot parse privateKey: Unsupported key format

Any time I do a SAM command it gives me the same error message. I have Node.js 10.14.1 and npm 6.4.1… They seem to be working, but I do not know how to verify that.

I have loaded the platform demo on the rpi and I can say the hot word ‘Hey Snips’ and I get a tone response.

Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


Hello @crawfofdc

It was a bug due to an update of OSX that changed the format of the ssh key generated.

To solve the issue, update Sam, the fix is present since v0.0.44


Charles, Thanks for your reply. I did an update on SAM it is now on v0.0.44, but I still have the same problem. I rebooted my rpi and made sure snips was running. This is what I get when I do a SAM status

x Connection failed, is your device turned on?
Error: Cannot parse privateKey: Unsupported key format

I removed the old authorzed_keys file and logged in with sam to the device using ip and it regenerated the file, but I still get the same error. Any other Ideas???

Thanks again.


I am running SAM on a windows 10 machine. I have downloaded the git file as suggested on the install guide.


Hi @crawfofdc,

You need to delete the SSH key present on your Windows machine so it can be regenerated. It is located in ~/.ssh/id_rsa_snips & ~/.ssh/