Sam doesn't want to connect him to my raspberry pi


Hi, I try to install Snip on my raspberry pi. when I tried to connect sam to my pi, I receive an errors saying “Connection failed, is your device turned on?
Error: Cannot parse privateKey: Unsupported key format”

someone has an idea to fix this stuff?

I use Mac os X mojave.

thanks in advance :blush:


Thats a pretty common fault (I had it aswell)
The problem is that they actually create a key in the wrong format sometimes (no one could tell me why and when) I use Fedora Linux for example and for a friend on the same OS it worked perfectly.
So until now the only fix I know is copying a working key you created on a different machine
There is already a issue about this error on their git


could you share me the process, I’m not sure I well understood… ^^’

  1. You go on a different computer and do sam connect where it works
  2. you go into home//.ssh on this computer and copy the two files with the snips keys (they should be called snips_rsa_key and
  3. you add those two files in the same directory on your mac.
  4. just do sam connect on your mac then and it should work


Thanks a lot :wink: I’ll try ASAP


well same problem from my macbook and I do not have a sam connect working ! so any other workaround ?


Hi, the solution proposed by captnstech worked for me (thank you captnstech by the way!!!)

Did you tried it?


@Nicolas so you do not have another computer to setup a key?


I managed to setup a session from a Win10 Machine and copy the keys from this machine to my mac and it worked.


Hi all,

It was a bug due to an update of OSX that changed the format of the ssh key generated.

To solve the issue, update Sam, the fix is present since v0.0.44


Charles, I am running OSX 10.13.4 and am getting the following error message when trying to connect to the RPi 3 in the Base Kit after I enter the default user and password. :heavy_multiplication_x: Error connecting to connect ECONNREFUSED I have verified that the IP address is correct for the RPi and can ping it. I have updated Sam to make sure I have the latest version which I believe is v0.0.49 after the install. I have also tried to do an ssh from the terminal and get the same error message. Do I need to somehow flush the old login credentials?


Hello @Rod

If the ssh from the terminal fails, it could mean :
• your pi is disconnected from the network
• your pi has changed ip

You could rescan your network with sam devices
Or you can connect to the pi with it’s default hostname sam connect raspberrypi



It turned out to be a WiFi quality problem.

I noticed 70% of the packets were being dropped on ping, so I moved the unit to within 6 inches of the router where it still dropped 30%.

I connected to the router via ethernet cable and everything worked fine.

I suspect that the WiFi antenna on the RPi 3 is being blocked by the sound card.

Of course, it could be that the WiFi h/w is just weak.

A connector for an external antenna would be very useful.