Sam doesn't want to connect him to my raspberry pi


Hi, I try to install Snip on my raspberry pi. when I tried to connect sam to my pi, I receive an errors saying “Connection failed, is your device turned on?
Error: Cannot parse privateKey: Unsupported key format”

someone has an idea to fix this stuff?

I use Mac os X mojave.

thanks in advance :blush:


Thats a pretty common fault (I had it aswell)
The problem is that they actually create a key in the wrong format sometimes (no one could tell me why and when) I use Fedora Linux for example and for a friend on the same OS it worked perfectly.
So until now the only fix I know is copying a working key you created on a different machine
There is already a issue about this error on their git


could you share me the process, I’m not sure I well understood… ^^’

  1. You go on a different computer and do sam connect where it works
  2. you go into home//.ssh on this computer and copy the two files with the snips keys (they should be called snips_rsa_key and
  3. you add those two files in the same directory on your mac.
  4. just do sam connect on your mac then and it should work


Thanks a lot :wink: I’ll try ASAP


well same problem from my macbook and I do not have a sam connect working ! so any other workaround ?


Hi, the solution proposed by captnstech worked for me (thank you captnstech by the way!!!)

Did you tried it?


@Nicolas so you do not have another computer to setup a key?


I managed to setup a session from a Win10 Machine and copy the keys from this machine to my mac and it worked.


Hi all,

It was a bug due to an update of OSX that changed the format of the ssh key generated.

To solve the issue, update Sam, the fix is present since v0.0.44