SAM editor Raspberry pi


Hi I am following the Quik start Raspberry pi in the Getting started section.

In order to use SNIPS you have to install SAM on your windows computer and connect to your raspberry pi. Install Snips, etc

I try to execute the following

Step 3: Install the Snips Platform

“If you haven’t already, install the Sam Command Line Interface on your computer. Open a terminal window, and enter:
sudo npm install -g snips-sam”

This will not work since I am doing this on a Windows 10 computer

But I tried to install SAM by downloading it via

As explained in the readme.txt included included with the SAM files I started SAM by following the instructions:
To try it out, you can run the batch file p9.bat', which will set some environment variables, like HOME, PATH, PLAN9 andfont’, and start the command interpreter cmd.exe.
I also copied a ssh.exe file from the windows directory to the directory where the SMA files are.

At the command prompt you could type rc', thensam’, or just

It looks like sam starts

If I type in the SAM editor: “sam devices”
There is no response
I I type “sam connect ip adress raspberry pi”
no answer

I don’t know how to get the SAM editor working.
I can log in via putty on my raspberry pi. So this works fine. I think the problem is in how to install the SAM editor and get it working on my windows 10 machine.


uhm… that is not sam ^^

install nodejs with npm - then you can: npm i -g snips-sam



This solved the problem thanks