Sam enter email used on console


so I tried to login into sam from terminal on RPI…

  1. it asks me to enter email used on console?? what the heck?
  2. what does sam have to do with my email?
  3. Plus, how would sam confirm my email when I just have a snips account for this forum?

You have to register an account on Snips Console. Then log in with this account with Sam.


And please read the docs. It’s all in there…



  1. I started here but it does not mention creating a Snips Console account?

  2. I clicked on each link in the Introduction paragraph instead of reading the whole page first, but each link in the intro paragraph had enough content to read that I was overwhelmed.

Thank you!


In the first paragraph of you should have read:

To try more assistants, you will need to have a Snips account for the Snips Console where you can customize or create your own assistant by adding different Snips apps.

Please take some time to read the documentation.


I’ll start over. I was a bit exited to get going on this, but clearly that bubble popped.


Yes it can be overwhelming, but the reward will be big :slight_smile: Just invest some time in it and things will become much clearer.

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I believe that as well



I have sam version 0.0.51, do you know of any issues?