Sam hangs after connecting

I wanted to ask here before submitting an issue in case I missed something silly. I’ve set up ssh on my pi and installed sam on my mac. Sam wasn’t able to discover my device, but it connects fine if I connect by the hostname, which I know. However, once it connects the terminal hangs and doesn’t prompt for input. Hitting enter just adds a blank line following the “:white_check_mark:Connected” line.

Hello @mustacheemperor

Never heard of this issue. The devices discovery can sometimes not return any results depending on your system / network environment. Can you give me more information on your setup:
• OS version
• Terminal
• Shell
• Node version

Sure, thanks for the help @Charles

Mac OS Mojave 10.14.4
Terminal 2.9.4
GNU Bash 3.2.57(1)-release
Node 10.16.0

I found a couple results online where people said discovery can fail for various reasons, so I went ahead and tried to connect by the devices name, since I named it myself over SSH. I’m able to connect, but the shell hangs after so I can’t enter additional input. I can provide a recording or hop on a screenshare if you’d like to see me replicate the problem.