Sam No Credentials Found



I installed sam in Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ on Raspbian OS.
When I tried the command sam init, it throws
Error: No credentials found

I have no idea what went wrong.

Thanks in advance.


Did you do „Sam connect“?
Not sure if it was necessary if you use it local


Thanks for replying. As I’m trying to use directly in Raspberry Pi, I think we don’t need to use sam connect. Anyway I tried.


I have the same problem. If you found a solution let me know


For me the credentials are still only useful for the connection: sam needs to know for what raspi your commands are ment to be - even if it’s local

As long as no one else has an idea:
Maybe try it with „sam connect localhost“ again? Or (as you could not connect with the internal ip)

Google TTS requires credentials as well, but I think that was another prompt.


It worked for me after configuring Raspberry Pi.



It is obligatory to use sam connect raspberrypi.local even if you run Sam directly on the Pi. Sam connects through SSH to the Pi.