Sam - Snippet actions are not generated


I’m using snips platform version 0.63.2 (I think this is the latest one) and sam version 0.0.53. It is running on a Raspberry Pi 3.
I did not use snips for a while and wanted to setup a new assistant, by sam install assistant. This assistant got an action snippet and a few actions provided by GitHub. However, the snippet action did not start, but they are recognized during installation. After a while I realized that it isn’t even generated. This applies to Home Assistant snippets, too, but the git actions work without any problems.

I took a look into sam source code and inspected it during runtime. In src/commands/install/actions.ts line 135 there is an if clause, which contains this.singleGitInstall. This variable is set to false, which prevents sam from generating actions from the snippets. When changing this satement to !this.singleGitInstall makes sam generating snippet actions correctly. I’m not aware of the sematics of this variable, but this looks like a bug to me.

After your assistant was installed and you have an action snippet go ahead and ssh into your pi. Then run snips-template render. Now your actions should be generated…

Ok, but shouldn’t this also done by sam during deployment of assistant?

When i tried it it wouldnt want to generate my actions. i had to run

snips-template render

first… idk why ofcourse for this to run you need the snips-template

Hello @amjadsaadeh

Thanks for the report ! It was indeed a bug that we just fixed in v0.0.54.
You can update: sam i -g snips-sam

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