"sam test microphone" does not work

Hello community,

I’m new here.

I’m using a raspberry pi with a USB-Microphone.

arecord -f cd out.wav


aplay out.wav

on commandline works perfect. Also “sam test speaker” works. But “sam test microphone” record something but does not play any sound.

What can I do?

The output of “sam staus”:

Connected to device openhab

OS version … Raspbian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch)
Installed assistant … Computer
Language … de
Hotword … hey_snips
ASR engine … snips
Status … Live

Service status:

snips-analytics … (not running)
snips-asr … 0.63.2 (running)
snips-audio-server … 0.63.2 (running)
snips-dialogue … 0.63.2 (running)
snips-hotword … 0.63.2 (running)
snips-nlu … 0.63.2 (running)
snips-skill-server … 0.63.2 (running)
snips-tts … 0.63.2 (running)


Hello @caesium

Don’t worry it happens. Just move on to the next step, test if the hotword is detected.
Launch sam watch and sey hey_snips to test the hotword.

Thank you very much. :slight_smile: