SAM with SSL own key?



First thing I do when connectinq a new Pi on my LAN is to setup SSH server to use my own public key and deactivate basic ssh login (user/pass system). Unhappy SAM doesn’t consider trying to connect using avalaible SSH key on my computer when it tries to connect to a new Pi for first time ! It only tries to use login/pass ! Isn’t it possible that it detects when Pi SSH server is setup to use keys only to switch to that method ? I checked sam help but I see no option in SAM connect to indicate such situation !
I can always temporarily reactivate login/pass system in SSH server for install but it’ll be a problem after for all SAM commands I’ll use later (to check status on snips, update assistants…).
Am I missing something or SAM developers didn’t consider that situation ?
Side consideration: it would be nice that SAM doesn’t overwrite SSH keys already installed on PI when it setups new connection :wink:




Hi @Vincen,

We didn’t want to use your personal SSH keys to connect to the Pi. That being said, we create our own SSH keys after the first connection.
sam connect does two things:
• save the credentials to connect to the Pi (hostname + username) in ~/.sam/configuration.yml
• generate Snips’ SSH key that will be ssh-copied to the Pi. It is located in

At the moment we only check for Snips’ key. If you are adamant about using your key, you could always copy & rename your private & public keys to id_rsa_snips &
A symlink might work but I haven’t tested it.

Duly noted about overwriting keys.