Satellites and intent based on location; overlapping satellites

Apologies if this is mentioned anywhere, I have looked but it’s still unclear. I’m only just learning about Snips.

Is it possible to differentiate intent based on satellite location?

For instance, if I have a satellite in the bedroom and a satellite in the office, can I say “Hey Snips, turn on the lights” without specifying which lights from the bedroom, and snips can either understand the combination of “lights on” and “bedroom” and send a specific MQTT to Home Assistant to “turn on bedroom lights” or send “lights on” and “location bedroom” to Home Assistant, and HA can determine to “turn on bedroom lights”. And then similarly from the office.

What if the voice is picked up by multiple satellites? Does Snips determine which is louder/stronger/clearer and select priority?

a good place to start is to read the docs front to back

and yes you can
when the intent is returned the mqtt payload includes the siteId of the device that started it all
you can use this as each satellite device has a different name


For this you have that workaround

no we don’t need a work around:) we need snips to start listening at all the beta testers (us) that use it everyday to take action and actually start implementing “work arounds” into the suite

I mean how hard would it be to have the dialogue manager check to see if the same wake word detection id was detected on multiple sites within a 0.2 sec or less time and to just keep the first one in and cancel the rest?? seriously! … all the audio is now time stamped even!!!

if for some odd reason two people or more in the one house all decided to say the wake word at the same time, one or two of them would just have to repeat it… and its not like we never have to repeat the wake word 2 times as it is to get “hey snips” to answer…the chance of my sneeze or my kids screaming getting a false detection is usually better

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It took quiet long to implement intent deactivated by default, we’ve been asking it for long. So they do implement our requests over time… As I’m quite sure they’ll finally implement my workaround which does what you describe soon or later

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:clap: slow clap for the excuses explanation

Hi guys,

Still listening here, we are aware of this issue and it’s in the backlog as it’s a strong demand from the community.

We cannot commit (yet) on a release date for that but it’s likely to be delivered at some point.

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did you fork snips for alice? those work arounds trying to be worked back in to the main? The examples in alice are very nice.

I never see a problem, I always workaround… And I will always, as workarounds will always be needed

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Thanks for the help everyone, what a great and active community!

Welcome to the forum, You can refer this link.


I like your code, but do not know where to implement it, in Snips, Mosquitto, or HomeAssistant?