Sattelite for audio output only


Is it possible to have a salltelite (Raspberry Pi) for audio output only? Reason is, that the input for our multiroom sound system is far away from the location of the listening sattelite/main unit. I want to use the offline tts engine. Many thanks!


while it is possible, the bigger problem might be the apps:
You can only use apps, that can output to another location than the input


Sure you can. I do use my sonos for output per exemple. Check Sono Invader. But it’s not the only posibility, there’s plenty of ways to pipe the audio into another raspberry


Hi, thanks for the replays. My hope was to be able to configure the audio output in /etc/snips.toml and that this would be transparent to any apps.

Otherwise maybe it would be possible to configure a virtual sound card pointing to another Raspi, but this is for sure more complicated. However this would be transparent to any app and even snips. Unfortunately I am not that experiences with Unix sound configuration. I will have a try and report.
Update: I found a guide:


So, I invested a few hours in pulseaudio setup with no luck. sam test speaker was outputting on the server, but microphone did not work anymore and finally snips audio output was still on the current pi although speaker test was playing on the other.

I think this if working would be anyway a dirty solution. As audio is transfered over MQTT it would be a good solution to be able to configure the output sattelite. And it would be nice, if snips audio server in such a scenario would work without microphone. This would allow to setup a plain pi for audio output.

In a smart home where ideally at least one or more microphones are installed in a room, there can’t be always dedicated speaker next to it.


I found a workaround: Pulseaudio support for sound output. However it would be cool to have an option in snips.toml, as for my understanding things are passing anyway MQTT.