Side ID different beetween - talk or push button


If I push the button, I had this
“was asked to listen on site chambre” but after if I speak nothing no activities.

If I ask “hey snips” , I had this
“was asked to listen on site default” and after if I speak, The sytem works but the site_id is equal at default.

Service status:

snips-asr … 0.64.0 (running)
snips-audio-server … 0.64.0 (running)
snips-dialogue … 0.64.0 (running)
snips-hotword … 0.64.0 (running)
snips-nlu … 0.64.0 (running)
snips-skill-server … 0.64.0 (running)
snips-tts … 0.64.0 (running)


then your config for that device is not set to chambre but as default… so your code for the button press using the word chambre the system does not know what that is because the config is not correct

I agree with you.
But before the update 0.64, the button worked.
I found a solution for the button, I installed “sam install actions -g”. and it works: after restart it doesn’t work.
And the behaviour has changed after the update, Before the update, when I launched by the microphone or by the button the LED blinks purple and I didn’t have a feedback. Now by the button, the LED is purple and I don’t have a feedback and by the microphone the LED doesn’t work and I have the feedback.
And I never changed the parameters between the first installation and the update
It seems that system is not stable.

But I’ve yet the problem with Id_site
And I tried to change the configuration in snips.toml, no positive result.
I tried to change /var/lib/snips/skills/snips-skill-respeaker/config.ini , no positive result.


I don’t understand anything.

I made a mistake, I didn’t see the hashtag in the snips.toml file.
After I corrected and rebooted, everything came back to normal.