Skill Server Stops responding after 1-3 tries

Been trying for a few weeks now to get the system to have some semblance of stability. After updates to 0.64, its been quite frustrating.
The skill server stops responding after a couple of tries and the error messages are not very helpful in debugging the problem.

This is the message from sam watch:
[01:33:49] [Dialogue] session with id 'c045e248-139a-40a4-8bc7-663fa5911eb5' was ended on site default. The session timed out because its continuation or termination was not handled by any running action code.

This is the output from Dialog log:
Nov 29 01:33:49 pilite42respkr snips-dialogue[726]: INFO:snips_dialogue_lib::coordinator::coordinator: Session [c045e248-139a-40a4-8bc7-663fa5911eb5]: closing session which was active: Timeout { component: Some(ClientApp) }

The is no output from skill server when I see these messages. I don’t even know where to start looking for a solution. Any pointers would be useful. Why does it work 1,2 or 3 times and then stop?

skill server does not output anything
the error msg is because the intent action code failed to reply to the dialogue server… ie the installed app that does something when you ask it… like turn the tv on… the TV app control code

look in the system logs for the reason why
try snips-skill-server -vvv and ask the intent again and see if there is output
else you will have to run the app action code manually to see what the error in it is

Is sam log same as snips-skill-server -vvv? There is no output from sam log for snips-skill-server.

no…thats why i suggested to try this