Snips always listening mode?


I would like to build an always listening Snips, which is not enabled with a wake word, but rather listens all the time.

The reason for this is, that i dont want to wait for snips to receive the wake-word, but jumps right into the detection itself.

Example: “Bla Bla Bla Lights on Bla Bla” => Detected “lights on”.

Is something like this possible?
If so, how?

Thanks in advance - hopefully i got the right section for that.

Well, I guess this could be my way to go: Disable wake word

… and:

Is this right?

Hey there,
Sadly i don’t have an answer for your question, rather another question.
Based on all Speech being transferred is there a possibility to have the wake word after the sentence?

As far as i know disabling the hotword component just disables the activation by speech. In that case you would need a button which manually activates your Snips.

This is not to be done at all… Imagine the work load on your device and all the false triggers and triggers it would generate.