Snips-asr listen time


Hello, I would like to know if we can increase snips asr to listen for more than 5 seconds (seems to be default)?


Check /etc/snips.toml for all the options


Thank you, Are you referring to lambda_timeout? Can you help further please


do you mean you want to increase the asr waiting time for input at all or do you want to capture more than 5 seconds of (real) input? I’d think the first of these settings should be in custom_asr/config.json as the following thread suggest: Is it possible to modify the default timeout on no response from the user
I’m unsure about maxspeechtimeout but I would think you can easily give longer input than 5 seconds probably if you don’t - uh - hesitate…
(but to be honest I’ve not tried that yet)



Thanks Peter. I have a dialogue scenario where the user may respond to snips after 5 seconds. In these cases snips just goes for retry mode and speaks out same question.


Ok, in that case we are talking about a nospeech-timeout. That should be configurable in the the custom_asr/config.json file as suggested in the other thread.
It’s not officially recommended apparently but then again, what’s the worst that can happen :slight_smile: