Snips-asr (not running)

I have a maker kit. The hot word is ok.
status is this:
OS version … Raspbian GNU/Linux 9 (stretch)
Installed assistant … Des
Language … en
Hotword … hey_snips
ASR engine … snips
Status … Live

Service status:

snips-asr … 0.64.0 (not running)
snips-audio-server … 0.64.0 (running)
snips-dialogue … 0.64.0 (running)
snips-hotword … 0.64.0 (running)
snips-nlu … 0.64.0 (running)
snips-skill-server … 0.64.0 (running)
snips-tts … 0.64.0 (running)

sam watch is this :slight_smile:

20:29:25] Watching on localhost:1883 (MQTT)
[20:29:31] [Hotword] detected on site default, for model hey_snips
[20:29:32] [Asr] was asked to stop listening on site default
[20:29:32] [Hotword] was asked to toggle itself ‘off’ on site default
[20:29:32] [Dialogue] session with id ‘a0c38c71-88ed-4eb8-b516-22cea0aa5222’ was started on site default
[20:29:32] [AudioServer] was asked to play a wav of 41.1 kB with id ‘63c50ada-9311-4e6e-8400-428cc0b76ce0’ on site default
[20:29:32] [AudioServer] finished playing wav with id ‘63c50ada-9311-4e6e-8400-428cc0b76ce0’
[20:29:32] [Asr] was asked to listen on site default
[20:29:47] [Dialogue] session with id ‘a0c38c71-88ed-4eb8-b516-22cea0aa5222’ was ended on site default. The session timed out because the ASR component did not respond in a timely manner. Please ensure that the Asr is started and running correctly.
[20:29:47] [Asr] was asked to stop listening on site default
[20:29:47] [Hotword] was asked to toggle itself ‘on’ on site default

Last lines of snips-asr -vvv are this:

[20:42:10.037229] DEBUG:rumqtt::connection : Send: Subscribe(Subscribe { pid: PacketIdentifier(1), topics: [SubscribeTopic { topic_path: “hermes/asr/startListening”, qos: AtMostOnce }] })
[20:42:10.037297] DEBUG:snips_injection_lib::injectable: computing injections dirname from reference dir “/usr/share/snips/assistant”
[20:42:10.037379] DEBUG:rumqtt::connection : Send: Subscribe(Subscribe { pid: PacketIdentifier(2), topics: [SubscribeTopic { topic_path: “hermes/asr/stopListening”, qos: AtMostOnce }] })
[20:42:10.037391] INFO :snips_asr_hermes::handler : Using model from “/usr/share/snips/assistant/custom_asr”
[20:42:10.037444] DEBUG:rumqtt::connection : Send: Subscribe(Subscribe { pid: PacketIdentifier(3), topics: [SubscribeTopic { topic_path: “hermes/asr/reload”, qos: AtMostOnce }] })
[20:42:10.037473] DEBUG:snips_kaldi::version : checking version libsnips_kaldi 0.23.3, me 0.26.1
[20:42:10.037494] DEBUG:rumqtt::connection : Send: Subscribe(Subscribe { pid: PacketIdentifier(4), topics: [SubscribeTopic { topic_path: “hermes/asr/toggleOn”, qos: AtMostOnce }] })
[20:42:10.037554] DEBUG:rumqtt::connection : Send: Subscribe(Subscribe { pid: PacketIdentifier(5), topics: [SubscribeTopic { topic_path: “hermes/asr/toggleOff”, qos: AtMostOnce }] })
[20:42:10.037580] ERROR:snips_asr : libsnips_kaldi version is 0.23.3 but snips-kaldi-rs requires ^0.26

[20:42:10.037599] ERROR:rumqtt::client : snips-asr|29763-snips-base-1 Disconnected: (Error(SyncMpsc(Disconnected), State { next_error: None, backtrace: None }))
[20:42:10.037635] DEBUG:rumqtt::client : snips-asr|29763-snips-base-1: Entering reconnecting loop
[20:42:10.037660] INFO :rumqtt::client : not seeking reconnection
[20:42:10.037682] INFO :rumqtt::client : client thread done
[20:42:10.037706] ERROR:snips_common_cli::cli : Unable to reconnect to the mqtt broker, ending the program.

What else can I do to resolve the fault?

try the search button in the forums to see if this error has happened to anyone before and see if there is an answer.

doing so you would have found this as the very first search result that answers the problem