Snips Base and Satelite kit

Trying to get the snips base and satelite kits working.
Satelite kit was not responding at all to wakeword, i then read that the satelite had to communicate with the base by wifi or ethernet. Not sure at this stage (being a novice), of how to get the wifi working and the pi zero has no ethernet, so i replace the pi zero (satelite) with a pi B+, loaded the satelite sd card, booted up with an ethernet cable between the base and satelite and progress !!
Satelite kit now recognises the wakeword (hi snips) and both the base and satelite kits wake up. I ask “what is the temperature” and there is only sound output from the base kit.
So my only problem at the moment is why no sound output from the satelite ???
Any comments very welcome…

U do know snips was sold and closing up?

I saw the announcement but I thought it was just a takeover…have not seen anything to suggest they are closing. Who is next best…Mycroft ?

A lot of people (including me) are switching to Rhasspy. You will lost some functionality (like Snips’ implementation of numbers/cities) but it is truly open source, not for sale and in my experience way more straightforward configuration-side then Snips. For the lost functionalities, it is being developed and updated with high frequencies so I have hope soon it will be as feature packed as Snips (and more).

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They are closing the public access to the console which you need to train your assistant end of January.
I would second to take a look at Rhasspy as many people seam to have a great experience using it.


Thanks for responses. I will head over to Rhasspy and give it a go…