Snips "cancel" word not recognized


Why does my snips installation on a Raspi not recognize the cancel words defined in the json files in /usr/share/snips/assistant/custom_dialogue/speak/

Actually my system is set to “de” language so de.json should be in effect. I even know it is because there’s also the “general_misunderstanding” which is sometimes played. But the “confirmation_cancel_pattern” which looks like this seems to be completely ignored:

    "confirmation_cancel_pattern": "(?i)(?:\\W+|^)(?:Abbruch|abbrechen|brich ab|verwerfen|zur[üu]cknehmen|annullieren|stornieren|r[üu]ckbuchen|widerrufen|zur[üu]ckziehen)(?:\\W+|$)",

So either I’m too stupid that know when snips accepts a ancel word (I tried it for example with a skill that repeatdly asked for some more input) and I also tried it when it was listening for input on “Hey Snips” hotword. None of the words did actually work in any of this situations. So is this a bug in snips are just the user beeing to stupid?


“Cancel” is detected using a regex at a system level. You can remove it from the regex file located in the /usr/share/snips/assistant/custom_dialog/speak/de.json

I don’t want to remove it at all. I’m saying it’s not working at all. At least not in Maybe it works in english I don’t know but in german it’s broken