Snips can't hear me


I follow to the letter the tutorial on how to use Snips on android:

When I launch the app on my phone (Samsung S7 API version 26) I can see in my logcat:

2019-07-17 17:08:31.994 15720-15720/com.example.hellosnips D/MainActivity: Snips is ready. Say the wake word!
2019-07-17 17:08:31.998 15720-15720/com.example.hellosnips D/snips-watch: <b><font color=#009900>[17:08:31]</font></b> Say the hotword, ask your query and let the magic happen

But when I say the wake word, nothing happens. Nothing shows in the logs and I don’t hear anything.

Am I missing something ? I’m not an expert in android so it’s pretty hard for me to find where the problem is.

Thanks for the help.

Same problem here… nothing happens. no verification of the mic nothing

I am also Facing the same problem. Any solution did you get ?

Please post it here if you resolved it.

Thanks in advance